Linea Consultants Ltd. is a private consultant company specialising in transport and community planning. We provide versatile planning, research and expert services. Our field of expertise covers the following sectors of transport and community planning:

  • Combining transport modes – transport system planning, strategies, transport policy
  • Supporting administration – coordinating, making inventories, prioritising, layouts and presentation materials
  • Geography of mobility – mobility in spatial planning, accessibility, regional development, service networks
  • Safe journeys – plans and reports to improve traffic safety
  • Decreasing emissions – walking, cycling, public transport, sustainable driving
  • Finding effects– impact assessments of projects, programmes and legislation.

High quality work requires professional knowledge, cooperative skills, innovative thinking, enthusiasm and also a humble attitude towards the challenging work projects. A well-performed task is only seldom based on repeating old routines, and therefore it is important to understand the operating environment and strive for a creative problem solution.

For further information please contact us:

Linea Consultants Ltd.
Ruoholahdenkatu 8

Tel: +358 50 375 1026